2 blond salon uses a european level     system for all their stylist. We can        accomodate anybody's budget!              The following is a  list of some of the    hair and waxing services we
  provide at 2 blond salon. Call today
  to receive your FREE consultation!

                  Hair Services
  Hair cut & blowdry
  Short Hair                       $50-$65* 
  Long Shoulders to mid back $60-$75+
  Extra Long mid back to waist $75-85+
  Mens cut                          $30-$40* 
  Blow Dry Short                 $35-$50* 
  Blow Dry Shoulders+        $45-$65*
  Add Flat iron/curling iron $15+
  Single Process Retouch     $60-$70* 
  Single & Refresh ends      $70-$80
  Partial Foil                       $70-$95         Half Foil                           $90-$125* 
  Full Foil                           $140-$165*
  Gloss with Foil                 $25-$40+
  Gloss                                $45-$60*
  Blonding                          $90-$110+
  Intensive Conditioning 
        Treatment                $25.00
  Power Infusion color locking
        Treatment                 $35.00
  Split end repair system   $50

   * These prices are an estimate and          may vary depending on length              and thickness of the hair or use            of  multiple colors during foiling.                             

                 Waxing Services

   Eyebrows                        $15
   Lip                                  $15
   Chin                                $15

                     Make up

   Full makeup application          $85